'High on Hembury Hill' - a film by Chris Chapman 2018

Short film about Hembury's past and present

Hembury Hillfort, an ancient East Devon landmark close to the town of Honiton, was for many years overgrown and lost from view. This is the story of one man’s quest to secure its future for the nation, balancing the needs of the natural environment whilst safeguarding its historical importance.

Hembury Fort YouTube video image

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High on Hembury Hill, The Gabbro Bowl – a film by Chris Chapman 2020

Investigations with Plymouth potter Angie Wickendon and friends.

In the second film about Hembury, we once again turn our thoughts to the fine Neolithic bowl displayed in the museum in Exeter. But this time we travel down to the Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall under the expert guidance of Plymouth potter Angie Wickendon and her friends.

The results are extraordinary, leading us to a better understanding of those peoples from far off times and the skills displayed in the crafts they presented.

Hembury Fort YouTube video image 2020

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New Image Gallery

This gallery contains a large number of images taken during Miss Dorothy Lidell excavations between 1930-35. There are images of the excavations plans which relate to some of the images within the gallery, if you look in the image title you will see 'CIII' for example and letters after relating to pit locations on the plan. We have also managed to source an aerial photography take in 1947 by the Royal Air Force 58 Squadron, amazing how few trees there were back then compared to now.